2028 (Southam) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


2028 Squadron was formed in 1942 and recruited not only from Southam, but also from the surrounding rural area. The first parades were held in the local Church rooms and were followed by a variety of venues until a permanent building was erected in Wattons Lane on the site still used today.

Around 1965 the poor condition of the Headquarters building prompted the acquisition of a surplus RAF wooden hut. This was delivered to the site and was in a very poor state. The task of rebuilding on a self help basis literally broke up the Squadron due to the constant need to work on the project. This resulted in the virtual exclusion of normal ATC training. A desperate situation was overcome with some professional help and the new hut was mounted on pillars some of which were six feet high. The building named Wattons Lodge was finally opened by Gp Capt King RAF the Officer Commanding RAF Gaydon in September 1967.

On an unknown date a detached flight was formed at nearby Princethorpe College which was then an Independent Roman Catholic Boarding School mainly for the sons of service personnel, government officials and business men working overseas. It later became 2514(Princethorpe)Squadron. When school holidays came members of the Squadron seemed to disappear to the four corners of the globe and frequently never returned for the following term. This factor plus a number of others beyond everyones control resulted in its later closure.

Our present building has been named Millar House (you can see various pictures in the Gallery) after Flight Lieutenant Dusty Millar, the CO before our present Squadron Commander; who sadly died in 1998 after a short illness. It was opened in 2000 by the then Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police, Mr John Burbeck. The opening was attended by Senior Officers from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, including the Wing Commander, Cadets and their families. A Plaque naming the Headquarters 'Millar House' has been placed inside the present building above the entrance hall.

On Monday the 23rd June 2008 we had to vacate our HQ while it was relocated further along Wattons Lane as part of a local housing develeopment. However we were able to use the facilities of a local Hotel some half a mile away which allowed us to remain 'open' and continue to parade. On Monday the 10th November 2008 we moved back after an enforced absence of nearly five months. Millar House is still in Wattons Lane but it has a much larger 'parade square' as part of the fenced compound. The building was redecorated and has a separate Car Park. A flag pole was also added to allow for the Corps Ensign to be flown every parade night.

Since moving to its present position in late 2008, the number of Cadets attending the Squadron has significantly increased, numbering over 50 in April 2014 and an average of 30 each parade.

Our present Squadron Commander Flight Lieutenant Daryll Moreton has been CO since July 1998.